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Chris Lefebvre, B.Sc., M.A., R.Psych

I am a registered psychologist that is motivated to help you reach personal positive changes in life. I have worked in the mental health field for over 6 years and have experience working with adults of all ages. My professional focus is on anxiety, and I enjoy working with people who feel inadequate, unheard by others, and emotionally overwhelmed. I have helped people overcome all sorts of challenges like anxiety, depression, trauma, anger, unhealthy relationships, loss, addictions, and more.


I enjoy learning different modalities to work with, though primarily use Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT), clinical hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Whatever the mode used in session, I realize the importance of a strong, trusting relationship between myself and the client and guide change through hope, emotional validation, and conscious behavioural changes.

Let me help you build solutions to whatever is standing in the way of your goals and your happiness!


Laura Gall BPE, MACP, R. Psych

Laura is a Registered Psychologist and the owner of Accelerate Psychology. She comes from a 10+ year first responder career and has extensive experience as an elite athlete and coach. In addition to her own career, Laura has experience working with several high performers in athletics, business, and the performing arts. Through her work and personal experience, she is uniquely positioned to understand the challenges that come with these areas. Laura believes in working to best serve each client and she utilizes a variety of therapeutic approaches to ensure each client is supported to reach their goals including EMDR, CBT, and Clinical Hypnosis. In addition to first  responders and high performers, Laura works with adults who are looking to overcome the variety of challenges life throws at us. Laura is described as authentic and non-judgemental in her sessions, and she also uses a lot of humour and direct but gentle communication. She has led group presentations and educational sessions for athletes, healthcare workers, and businesses to prepare them for the challenges they face in their unique fields.

To learn more about Laura head over to Accelerate Psychology and book your free 15 minute consultation! She is offering virtual and in person services at this time. Teams and organizations looking to book group sessions can do so by contacting Laura directly at

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Linda Crockett

Linda Crockett MSW, RSW, SEP, CCPA is known for pioneering the first and only full-service workplace harassment, bullying, and violence resource center in Canada! Linda has won awards from the Government of Alberta and the University of Calgary for her specialized services.  Her clinical and professional training includes a master’s degree specializing in workplace bullying. She is a certified practitioner of somatic experiencing trauma therapy, Prolonged Exposure to PTSD therapist, and a student of EMDR, and Biofield Tuning Therapy. Linda has 34 years of experience in her profession of social work. She offers a wide range of services for all professions and industries. This includes trauma informed consultations, coaching, and training for leadership, and a repair and recovery clinic for complainants, witnesses, and respondents. The clinic offers a safe, confidential, nonjudgmental, space for groups or individuals to receive support, education, training, advocacy, coaching, and/or treatment for their psychological injuries. Due to the complex nuances involved in these cases, Linda is continually identifying gaps in services and knowledge within all workplace systems, providing services to fill those gaps, and creating a worldwide network of resources. Linda’s main goal is prevention, early intervention, appropriate interventions to prevent further harm, and repair options.

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Book with me!

Kayla Rubis

Kayla is a Registered Provisional Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists and a Certified Canadian Counsellor with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. Kayla enjoys working with people of all ages, faiths, and cultural backgrounds, including children, older adults, and people who are a part of the LGBTQ2S+ community. Kayla has a particular interest in working with couples and families. In addition, Kayla is passionate aboutsupporting people who have experienced complex trauma and grief, including end of life. Kayla is trained in Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Kayla also practices from the perspective of Trauma-Informed Care, Attachment Theory, Psychodynamic Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Kayla’s approach is to provide a non-judgemental space for people to be their authentic selves and find the root cause of presenting concerns, while providing practical tools for people to apply immediately towards the change they would like to see in themselves. Prior to working as a therapist, Kayla was an occupational therapist and a yoga instructor. When Kayla is not at work, you will find her travelling, cycling, hiking, gardening, skiing, or walking her pug, Leo. Visit her website at

Contact at or 587-938-5320


Lynsdey Miller

Lyndsey is a Provisional Psychologist registered with the College of Alberta Psychologists. She works from a trauma informed and emotionally focused perspective and understands how early negative experiences have a role in shaping us. By working with the mind and body, she hopes to help you gain a better understanding of your past and present in order to create a better future. Lyndsey believes that engaging wholeheartedly in therapy takes vulnerability, inner strength, and can be challenging; it can also be an incredible opportunity to see positive change in your life! 


Lyndsey is a Christian psychologist and weaves biblical principles and prayer into her sessions if that is something you are looking for. She offers a peaceful, non-judgmental environment where you can grow in awareness, develop healthier coping skills, and enhance your relationships. 


Whether you're ready to dive in, or just wanted to check things out, I invite you to get in touch with me. I look forward to hearing from you!


Ryan McDonald

Ryan is a provisional psychologist all about encouraging passionate and tenacity in every client that he works with. He takes an integrative approach to client therapy to help everyone who comes in to achieve their goals. The most important aspect in therapy is that there is a trusting relationship between the therapist and client. As a coach, Ryan will help you to develop a plan to build up cognitive and coping skills. Primarily trained in cognitive and behavioural models of therapy, Ryan mainly uses CBT, EMDR, Clinical Hypnosis, and Mindfulness in sessions while trying to find a treatment plan that fits every client’s unique situation. Ryan is capable of treating anxiety, trauma, depression as well as other mental challenges and works with teens and adults. Ryan is a
current serving member of the Canadian Armed Forces working in the Canadian Cadet Organization.

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Oana Vonu-Boriceanu

As a registered provisional psychologist, I find joy in empowering people and helping them uncover their true potential. I value clients’ courage and motivation to reach out and ask for help when challenges arise. I consider myself a guide, as we journey together on your own unique path to individuation. This path often leads to healing, self-discovery and transformation.


As a professional in the human services and mental health field for 16 years, I have supported many people during pivotal moments in their lives. I have worked with clients from various backgrounds, cultures, life stages and ages. I can support children, teenagers, adults, parents and families who are experiencing relationship or attachment issues, transitions, grief and loss, spiritual issues as well as a variety of symptoms and mental health issues. Having immigrated twice, I have the unique life experience and understanding to support newcomers and expats.


My main approaches are client-centred and psychodynamic (Jungian) which supports working with the psyche, the unconscious and dreams. I am trauma informed and I draw from attachment theory, emotionally focused therapy principles, solutions focused and cognitive behavioral therapy approaches. 

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Roger makes everyone feel unconditionally loved. He helps build the foundation so that people can learn to be kind to themselves. He is so excited to meet you that you just might leave here with some slobber on your clothes!

Funny Pitbull Portrait


Roger makes everyone feel unconditionally loved. He helps build the foundation so that people can learn to be kind to themselves. He is so excited to meet you that you just might leave here with some slobber on your clothes!

Funny Pitbull Portrait
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